At Abbotsleigh, we recognise the importance of up-to-date and innovative technology, both in terms of its use as a learning tool and as a means of efficient communication with families.

Abbotsleigh is committed to providing quality information and communication technologies to our students and staff. Students and teachers enjoy access to an extensive range of online services and technologies, both within and outside the classroom.

The services offered are AbbNet, Webmail and Microsoft Office 365.

All students in Years 7-12 are part of the bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program. A school-owned laptop is provided to each student in Years 2-6. For girls in Kindergarten and Year 1, an iPad is provided to each student.


This is the hub of our communication. Students in Years K–12 use this service to access items such as notices, timetables, class work via Learning Management Systems, discussions, surveys, newsletters, email, documents, images and library services. An important feature of AbbNet is the ability for teachers and students to access all of these functions in one browsable window. AbbNet can be accessed through the Abbotsleigh website under online services.



Email is a key communication tool at Abbotsleigh. All students are provided with an account that can be accessed from any computer with internet access. Email is accessed through AbbNet or via Outlook on school computers or by directly logging into Office 365 on any internet enabled device.


Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is available for all Abbotsleigh students. Accessing Office 365 allows students to use web-based versions of Microsoft’s Office, collaboration tools and OneDrive applications. The OneDrive service provides one terabyte of cloud storage for each student.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal on AbbNet is available wherever you have an internet connection. The portal provides convenient access to:

  • a range of information about your daughter, including academic reports, attendance records, medical information, subject and timetable information and general details
  • wider information concerning the Abbotsleigh school community, such as the official school calendar, K-12 notices, community noticeboards, online surveys, contact details for key staff, sport fixtures, online newsletter (The Shuttle), library catalogues and resources
  • services such as tuckshop ordering, fee payments and donations

Changes to your personal details such as your contact details can also be requested.Parents are automatically subscribed to the Parent Portal and your login details will be sent via email shortly after your daughter commences.

Abbotsleigh parent app

The Abbotsleigh parent app is the place to go to catch up on all the news from the School and keep up to date with important notices and information. You can get it on Google
Play or download it from the Apple App Store. If you require assistance with downloading the app, please contact the Abbotsleigh IT Service Desk.

Abbotsleigh IT Service Desk

The Abbotsleigh IT Service Desk provides support for staff, students and families with issues related
to their hardware devices and associated services as well as home or off campus access to Abbotsleigh-provided services such as AbbNet and Office 365.

Our use of current and emerging technology to support business, administration and learning functions is continually assessed. We choose the systems we have judged to be effective and beneficial to our students.