Abbotsleigh Boarder Parents' Association

The Abbotsleigh Boarder Parents’ Association provides an invaluable link between boarders, their parents and the School. Parents volunteer to be Year Coordinators each year and act as vital information channels for the boarding community, as well as help organise boarder parent social events.

The ABPA holds meetings once a term, all Boarder parents are encouraged to join. These meetings are a great way to hear from the school, discuss relevant topics and build connections and friendships within the Boarding community.

The Daisy Club

The Boarder Parents’ Association started the Abbotsleigh Daisy Club in 2007 as a means by which boarder parents could assist in the School’s fundraising activities to help our girls and future generations at Abbotsleigh. The Daisy Club enables boarder parents to be involved in an important fundraising activity for Abbotsleigh. The ABPA/Daisy Club are very proud of the efforts they have achieved thus far, raising more than $100,000 for a variety of projects.

For more information about the Daisy Club, please contact the School’s Community Relations Manager and they will put you in contact with the Daisy Club President.