The Council of Abbotsleigh consists of the following members:

President The Very Reverend Kanishka Raffel
Archbishop of Sydney and Metropolitan of New South Wales
Chair Ms L Ellis
Treasurer Mr R Dring
Council Members Rev Dr A Barraclough
Rev Dr R Chilton
Mrs J Cochrane
Dr C Janssen
Dr J Lim
Ms B Matthews
Ms B McGuinness
Mrs J Robinson
Ms M Southwick
Ms M Vanzella
Mr J Ward



Our School motto

Tempus celerius radio fugit – time flies faster than a weaver’s shuttle

Our motto represents the rich tapestry that is Abbotsleigh:

The ‘warp’ (the lengthwise threads) represents our strong foundations: our Christian faith, our moral purpose and our strong values and culture.

The ‘weft’ represents the woven pattern created by the weaver’s flying shuttle where the beautiful tapestry of Abbotsleigh’s rich and complex history continues to grow: day by day, month by month, year by year.

The motto was given to the School by Miss Marian Clarke, whose family’s crest was a weaver’s shuttle and whose family’s motto was: ‘Time flies faster than a weaver’s shuttle.’