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Old Girls

110 years of building connections

The Abbotsleigh Old Girls’ Union (AOGU) was founded in 1908, by the School’s first Headmistress, Miss Marian Clarke. The AOGU aims to maintain and pass down the traditions of the School, unite past students of the School with the present and keep past Abbotsleigh girls connected with each other. 



What's on in 2019?


As usual, we have lots of great events planned for the year.
Keep an eye out for invitations coming your way.
Want to know more or think you might have missed out on an invitation?
Contact the Old Girls Relations Office
aogu@abbotsleigh.nsw.edu.au or +61 2 9473 7740


News and events

Abbotsleigh is a vibrant and busy place.

Our news and events section keeps you up to date with what's going on. 

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