Old Girl Enrolments and Scholarships

Daughters of an Abbotsleigh Old Girl are not required to attend entrance testing for her entry to Year 5 or Year 7. Accepted places are offered to daughters of Old Girls entering at ALL entry points on early application.

Abbotsleigh Old Girls are strongly encouraged to make application soon after the birth of their daughter to best ensure a place at Abbotsleigh. After 12 months of age, places are offered to those girls on the waiting list, and while we will always try to assist with progressing enrolment for the daughter of an Old Girl, it will become more difficult to guarantee a place. The entry points for Junior School are Transition, Kindergarten, Year 3 and Year 5. The entry point for Senior School is Year 7.

We look forward to welcoming your daughter to Abbotsleigh.


Scholarships for daughters of Old Girls

Jubilee Scholarship

This academic scholarship is for the daughter of an Abbotsleigh Old Girl. It provides up to 100% remission of school tuition fees from Year 7 for the remainder of schooling.

The Royle Scholarship

The Royle Scholarship is for Year 10 or Year 11 and is open to any student in Year 9 or Year 10 (including current Abbotsleigh students) with particular Old Girl affiliations.

This biennial scholarship is an academic and/or general merit scholarship providing up to 50% remission of school tuition fees for the remainder of schooling. Needs-based criteria may also apply. It is awarded to a girl joining the Senior College in either Year 10 or Year 11 who is the daughter, granddaughter or great granddaughter of an Abbotsleigh Old Girl.

The selection process is by way of application. This scholarship will next be assessed for girls in 2024 for a 2025 start.

Centenary Scholarship

In 1985 the AOGU inaugurated an annual scholarship to commemorate Abbotsleigh’s centenary year. Application for the Centenary Scholarship is available to girls in Year 11 whose mothers attended Abbotsleigh as students for at least one full school year. The Centenary Scholarship recognises contribution to the School community and covers a quarter of the tuition fees for Years 11 and 12.