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Why give?

School fees alone do not provide the capital needed to shape the future of Abbotsleigh – and in that sense, every girl at our school is the beneficiary of gifts made by past parents and alumni. Recognising this history, our parents and alumni continue the legacy of generosity by making gifts that benefit our students.

The gift you make today will enable the Abbotsleigh Foundation to support scholarships, build funds to invest in school facilities and support programs that would otherwise not be available at our school. 

Join your community

The percentage of parents and alumni who give a gift of any size each year to their school is what makes an impact in a small community. That is why many families and alumni make their children’s school and their alma mater their philanthropic priority. 

Having everyone join our community in making an annual gift to the School, is an important vote of confidence in Abbotsleigh’s vision. 

Please help us achieve this goal so together we can have a collective impact on the education of girls.

Every gift, of any size, when combined with all the gifts from our small community, can make an impact on girls' education. We invite you to watch this 90-second video to understand why your gift is so important. 

The impact of your gifts

Your gifts to Abbotsleigh have an impact on the education and lives of thousands of girls. With a history of over 130 years of philanthropy, gifts from our parents, grandparents, Old Girls, staff and the community have provided opportunities to girls through scholarships and have helped to build facilities and run programs that enable girls to pursue personal and academic excellence. Thank you.