Light Up Vanuatu

By Justin Owens Year 1 Classroom Teacher November 14, 2023

On Tuesday of Term 4 Week 2, Year 1 Abbotsleigh and Knox students joined forces to assemble more than 100 solar lights to combat energy poverty as part of IPSHA’s Light Up Vanuatu campaign. This was made possible by the fundraising efforts of the Year 1 students from both schools throughout the year. The project highlighted to the students the difference that one person can make in the lives of others.

I enjoyed building the lights because it was a little bit tricky and putting the clear cover on was hard and me and my partner thought it had to go on the other side. It was rewarding when I built the light because it was so tricky to make. I found it challenging when I helped my partner and we needed to take the cover off. We had to work together because she was not sure how to take it off and she didn’t want to break it. I was Oscar Organised because I had to bring all my stuff with me. – Olivia Ning, 1G

I enjoyed reading a book about the people that live in Vanuatu because I got to learn about the lives of people I was helping. I found it rewarding when I helped my friends with the tricky parts of building, like plugging in the tiny cables and it felt good when they said thank you. I found it challenging to put the rubber band around the light because you had to put on in a special way. I had to use Gabby Get-along when we had to team up with the Knox boys because I met lots of new people that I had to work with. – Suri Banerji,1O