Julien Playoust
Landscape, Existence

Julien Playoust
Landscape, Existence

4 to 27 April 2024
Curated by David Fairbairn and Suzanne Archer

The work of artist Julien Playoust delves into the tactile dimensions of landscape and human existence. Fissured, contoured landscapes echo in nuanced faces, portraying themes of frailty, uncertainty and loss. His landscapes and portraits unveil unconscious revelations, capturing the energy and essence of a place — an exploration of the soul through dynamic interplays.

Inspired by artists like Bacon, Guston, and Diebenkorn, Playoust prioritizes the visceral experience over aesthetic likeness. This inaugural solo show reflects Playoust’s many years of creative exploration and passion for the arts.

Opening event
Saturday 6 April, 2 – 4 pm


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