Our House

Our House

26 July to 16 August 2017

Tania Alexander

Victoria Lobregat

Nuha Saad

Opening event Sat 29th July, 2-4pm  with ‘Ms Modernism’ – Annalisa Capurro 

Interior Designer | Design Educator| Architectural & Design Historian| Architectural Photographer | Writer


A house contains and surrounds us. It provides both a physical and cultural space where we develop personal and social rituals and relationships.

Tania Alexander, Victoria Lobregat and Nuha Saad explore the psychological complexities of our house through their interactions with colour, pattern and form. The artists bring varied material choices to this exhibition, from paint to found object, and each explores the idea of the house as an accessible space filled with subtle links and personal associations to family, memory and imagination.

Tania Alexander uses the geometry of angles and lines to remind us of the patterns that we use to personalise our home. She reveals this geometry in layers of decorative washi tape and links the gendered hobby craft nature of the material to the art of abstract painting.

The inspiration for Victoria Lobregat’s gouache paintings and installations is drawn from houses in her Newcastle area and reveals her nostalgia for the bland suburban homes and bright fabrics of 1950s Australia. She approaches the home with nostalgia and a sense of loss for the ordinary scenes taken for granted and quickly changing.

Through ornament and colour Nuha Saad transforms spaces using readymade interior moldings and wallpapers. She references the world of Federation and Victorian interiors, strengthening and intensifying their patterns and colours in her sculptural/painting installations.



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