Mystery Masterpieces
APA Event

Abbotsleigh Parents Association (APA) present an exhibition of Mystery Masterpieces and student work

22 to 25 August 2018

Organised by the Abbotsleigh Parents Assciation, in collaboration with the GCS Gallery and Visual Arts Department, this exhibition consisted of three components.

1. Mystery masterpiece
An exhibition of 100 artworks, each completed by a different artist whose identity will remain unknown until the end of the exhibition. Each mystery masterpiece is available to purchase for $100 at auction on 25 August.

2. Student collaborative artwork
Students from the Early Learning Centre through to Year 11 are contributing to individual and collaborative works. Each will be
available to purchase through a silent auction.

3. Art and food market (Saturday 25 August, 10 am-4 pm)
Food trucks and various art stalls form the market and add to this day of art activities.

Mystery Masterpieces


Works by Students