Junior School sport

In the Junior School, our PDHPE specialist teachers focus on the development of fundamental movement skills in the early years. Our girls delight in scootering around the pathways and playing on the two sets of play equipment during break times as they build strength, fitness and enhanced spatial awareness.

Our PDHPE program features a broad range of learning experiences from dance, gymnastics and dance aerobics through to ball skills, fitness, swimming and athletics, and ensures that girls are well prepared for entry into the optional, school-based Year 3 friendly Saturday sport program. The IPSHA Saturday sport program for girls from Year 4 onwards, includes opportunities to join teams in modball, soccer, hockey, netball, touch football, cricket, basketball and tennis. Elite athletes are also given opportunities to trial for representative teams in softball, tennis, cricket, netball, basketball, golf and touch football through the IPSHA, CIS and PSSA pathways. Participation in sport at the Junior School is high, with all girls wishing to join a sport being included in teams.

   Year 4        Year 5        Year 6 
 Term 1  Modball, soccer       Modball, soccer        Modball, soccer
 Term 2  Minkey       Minkey        Hockey
 Term 3   Netball, touch football       Netball, touch football       Netball, touch football
 Term 4   Basketball, T20 Blast Cricket, tennis        Basketball, T20 Blast Cricket       Basketball, T20 Blast Cricket, tennis


IPSHA sports

Abbotsleigh is part of the Independent Primary School Heads’ Australia (IPSHA), which organises carnivals, major sports and Saturday competitions for students in Years 4-6.  This inclusive program is designed to promote skill development, team spirit and engagement.

IPSHA carnivals are held throughout the year for athletics, cross country, gymnastics and swimming and diving. Girls may then be selected to compete at NSW Combined Independent Schools (CIS), Primary School Sport Australia (PSSA) and School Sport Australia (SSA) levels.

IPSHA Saturday sport runs for all four terms, with a mix of activities available. Training sessions are held once a week, typically after school. While involvement in sport is optional, we encourage girls to participate regardless of experience or skill.


Saturday sport for Year 3

Our ‘friendly’ Saturday sport program is offered to Year 3 girls in Terms 2-4. These sessions are designed to help prepare the girls for the IPSHA competition as well as develop overall skills and to foster a love of sport. We offer minkey in Term 2, netball and touch football in Term 3, and modball and soccer in Term 4.


Basketball, T20 Blast Cricket, tennis
Basketball, T20 Blast Cricket, tennis
Basketball, T20 Blast Cricket, tennis