Boarding School Life

Boarding life


What can the girls do after school?

Most girls are busy after school, either at sport or music practices or other cocurricular activities. The Boarding School offers extended tuition in a range of activities, from gymnastics to jewellery making, from speech and drama to swimming and diving and the ever popular dance classes. See AbbSchool for further details of extended tuition activities. With permission, girls may also go down to Wahroonga village. Girls in Years 7 are accompanied by senior boarders, Years 8 to 10 girls may go down in groups and senior girls may go alone. All girls have a one hour limit on village leave. 


What time is set aside for homework, supervision and extra tuition?

All girls have compulsory prep periods. The length of these times depends on the year group. The School provides free tutoring to Middle School boarders, especially in Year 7 as girls enter Abbotsleigh from diverse academic backgrounds. Boarding staff liaise with day school staff and counsellors to provide the best possible academic and pastoral care of the girls. All boarders have access to the library after school hours. The School also offers free tuition in selected academic subjects after school. 

What is the food really like?

Boarders enjoy a wide selection of food every day. A qualified nutritionist and dietitian liaises with our Food Services Manager to ensure that a balanced diet is available to girls. Vegetarians and girls with special dietary needs are of course catered for. At dinner time there is always a salad bar, rice and pasta in addition to the menu for the day. The menu is constantly changing and we often have special theme nights. In the summer terms we have a weekly barbecue on the lawn. There is a Food Committee where representatives from each boarding house discuss menu choices with the Food Services Manager and Chef.