About boarding

The School has approximately 150 boarders from Years 7 to 12. About 90% of boarders come from country and regional NSW, with a sprinkling of students from overseas and greater Sydney.

Boarders are an integral part of the Abbotsleigh community, providing diversity and an added richness. Living in this tight-knit community helps the girls forge lifelong friendships and learn to understand the different views and aspirations of others.


How is the Boarding School structured?

Our four boarding houses are organised by year groups and the girls in each house are looked after by a Boarding Coordinator and Resident Assistants who makes sure that all the daily needs of the girls are met. They are there to wake the girls up in the morning and get them off to school and there when the girls return in the afternoon. Coordinators are the first point of contact for boarder parents and they develop a strong partnership with each other, liaising regarding leave and academic and pastoral issues. Parents are most welcome to discuss any aspect of boarding with the Coordinator or Head of Boarding School at any time.

Whilst all the boarding staff have the happiness and welfare of the boarders as their priority, we don't pretend to be mum or dad. We therefore regard our relationship with parents as a partnership and welcome discussion about any aspect of your daughter's happiness and progress at any time.


What systems are in place to help my daughter settle in?

The City Family Scheme exists for all new boarders. The city family is an Abbotsleigh family who helps a new boarder adjust to life away from home, to learn about the School and the city, give advice and be a friend close by. 

The Big Sister Program, whereby boarders in Year 11 take on a 'little sister' in Year 7 helps to quickly settle our youngest students into the boarding community.
Abbotsleigh is proud to be a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA), which serves to support and develop best practice in residential communities across Australia.