Senior School Sport

Whether the girls are competing in state or national competitions or simply having fun in a social sport team with friends, they are encouraged to do their best while learning the importance of teamwork, good sportsmanship and building on fundamental athletic development.

There are a variety of team sports on offer within the sport program that cater to all levels of playing ability, with girls participating in the Saturday IGSA competition, local community competitions or internal school competitions. Abbotsleigh currently has the highest number of team entries across all IGSA sports.

IGSA competition

Abbotsleigh is a member of the Independent Girls Schools' Association (IGSA) and much of the Senior School sport is based around the IGSA Sport calendar. IGSA has some thirty member schools, including country schools such as PLC Armidale, NEGS and Frensham. It offers two Saturday sports per term as well as carnivals for athletics, cross country, diving, gymnastics, swimming, and tennis (Tildesley Shield).

Sports by term

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
AFL* Aerobic Gymnastics Aerobic Gymnastics Athletic development
Athletic development Athletic development Athletic development Cricket*
Badminton (IGSA) Athletics Athletics Futsal
Cross Country and Run Club Basketball (IGSA) Cross Country and Run Club Rhythmic and Artistic Gymnastics
Diving Cross Country and Run Club Hockey (IGSA) Run Club
Softball Equestrian Netball (IGSA) Touch Football (IGSA)
Swimming Football (Soccer – IGSA) Rugby 7s* Volleyball
Tennis (IGSA) Snow Sports Snow Sports Water Polo (IGSA)


Please note: Saturday sports are listed in bold, with Saturday afternoon sports indicated by an asterisk *


Other sports and activities

We also offer Strength & Conditioning (S&C or fitness/gym) classes each morning, on a weekly basis. Classes are free and are open to students of all fitness levels. These are drop-in classes with no ongoing commitment required.

Other sports, including dance and fencing, are offered through the AbbSchool Extra-curricular program. Year round squad training for swimming is available through the Aquatic Centre.