High potential learners

Abbotsleigh is committed to providing challenging learning experiences and developing appropriate teaching and learning programs for our high potential learners. A variety of options is offered to address their needs and interests. This may be done through differentiated curriculum, challenging extension tasks, individualised programs, ability grouping and developmentally appropriate placement.

Our aim is to encourage high potential learners to pursue their passions through diverse learning opportunities that: 

  1. Accelerate the pace of learning
    Flexible progression for high potential learners occurs in a range of subjects. In such instances learners are placed on a modified program. Access to BOSTES approved university courses may be facilitated for students who are presenting for the HSC examination in one or more courses at the highest level, a year ahead of their cohort.
  2. Expand learning to include a focus on areas beyond the scope of traditional disciplines
    Students are encouraged to explore projects that go beyond the boundaries of the classroom through collaboration with peers and members of the community. Family members, industry specialists and community leaders are used as mentors to help students broaden their thinking in a specialised domain by making their learning relevant and meaningful. 
  3. Deepen learning through personalisation and collaboration
    Students are given opportunities to follow individual paths of learning by exploring their passions in specific areas of interest. Programs such as the 'Elevate and Immerse' research course promote independent, creative and critical thinking, project management, problem solving, collaboration and communication.