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The Abbotsleigh Old Girls’ Union (AOGU) was founded in 1908, by the School’s first Headmistress, Miss Marian Clarke. Miss Marian Clarke, recognised the strength of the connections and friendships formed at Abbotsleigh and founded the AOGU when the School only had a few hundred students.  The AOGU now has close to 12,000 members. In addition to facilitating regular year group reunions, the AOGU and Old Girls Office organise a number of regional reunions and events throughout the year to connect Abbotsleigh girls with each other and the current school community.  

To further support Abbotsleigh girls in their meaningful endeavours, the 110th Anniversary Grant was established in 2018 to recognise the value that Old Girls add by being contributory members of their local and world-wide communities. By taking building the incredible network of Abbotsleigh women we are also helping to build a stronger future for all women.

The AOGU Committee is a volunteer group of Old Girls that works on behalf of its members to sustain, support and grow the Old Girls community. The AOGU Committee is supported by the School through the Old Girls Office.  If you  have any questions, please contact the Old Girls Office or phone +61 2 9473 7740.


Notice of the Abbotsleigh Old Girls’ Union Annual General Meeting 2020 on Wednesday 18 November 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the Abbotsleigh Old Girls’ Union Incorporated will be held via Zoom on Wednesday 18 November 2020 commencing at 7.30 pm. Please click here for more information.


A note from our AOGU President

Dear Old Girls,

It will come as no surprise that I now confirm that all face-to-face AOGU events are suspended until further notice. 

I pray that you and your families remain healthy and safe during these unsettling times. I know the spread of COVID-19 has been a confusing, frustrating and challenging time for our communities worldwide. While we have all suffered disappointments and inconveniences such as cancelled events or travel and the search for toilet paper, many have faced loss of jobs or loved ones. But, remember, we are all in this together so stay strong.

The School is continuing to review practices daily in line with Government protocols and communicating with students and parents accordingly. I commend Mrs Krimmer, her Executive Leadership Team and all staff for their handling of this fast developing crisis. They are doing a wonderful job of keeping the Abbotsleigh community safe, calm and informed.

Please keep an eye out for emails as we start to open up Old Girl events via Zoom.

I wish you all good health.

Belinda Burton
President, AOGU




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The objectives of the Union are to:

  • Maintain and hand on tradition of the School and to promote its interests;
  • Unite past members of the School with the present; and
  • Keep past members of the School together and promote their interests



Life membership is available to anyone who has completed at least four terms of schooling at Abbotsleigh. All Old Girls who finished Year 12 at Abbotsleigh during and after 2006 receive life membership of the AOGU on leaving the School. Life members can vote at meetings and are eligible for election to the Committee and to the position of executive officer of the Committee.




The AOGU Committee is a volunteer committee of Old Girls. All Old Girls are eligible to be nominated as a member of the General Committee with appointments taking place annually at the AGM. The term of service is one year with unlimited eligibility for reappointment. Office bearers are also appointed annually at the AGM.
The AOGU Committee meets twice a term at 7.30 pm at the Senior School. A schedule of meeting dates can be obtained through the Old Girls Office



The 2020 Committee
Office Bearers

President Belinda Burton (Tjeuw, 1991)
Vice-President  Rebecca Baillie (1989)
Treasurer  Margaret Jordan (Thiel, 1986)
Secretary  Sarah Franks (1991)

Members of the General Committee 

Margaret Bisley (1967)
Kim Boniface (Anderson, 1985)
Karina Conn (Lorschy, 1986)
Bronwyn Cooper (Ross-Jones, 1980)
Suzie Evennett (Taylor, 1984)
Fiona Hobill Cole (Armstrong, 1981)
Karen Love (1987)
Bronwyn Matthews (1982) (Foundation Representative)
Anne Mitchell (Macfarlane, 1964) (War Records Coordinator)
Kate Nicholls (Hall, 1985)
Caroline Rigby (Miller, 1984)
Lucy Shilling (Lyle,1987) (Boarder Representative)
Ziqing (Alex) Zhao (2015)


Honorary Life Members

Sarah Hofman (Dowsett, 1986)
Jacqueline Rees (Selosse, 1969)
Margaret Sachs (Coburn, 1965)
Melissa Slattery (Walsh, 1977)

Emeritus Life Members

Robin Archer (Horwitz, 1959)
Sue Cross (Jacobs, 1949)
Jenny Davies (Holman, 1963)
Robin Kench (Hobart, 1951)
Kathleen McCredie AM (1945)


Council Representatives

Sonia Baillie (Laudams, 1995) (Appointed November 2017)
Linda Ellis (Morris, 1990) (Appointed November 2018)
Michelle Vanzella (1987) (Appointed November 2015; reappointed November 2018)


Events Sub-committee

Belinda Burton (Chair)
Bronwyn Cooper (Ross-Jones, 1980) 
Caroline Rigby (Miller, 1984)


Finance Sub-committee

Margaret Jordan (Thiel, 1986) (Chair)
Kim Boniface (Anderson, 1985)
Bronwyn Matthews (1982)
Kate Nicholls  (Hall, 1985)
Melissa Slattery (Walsh, 1977)


Communications Sub-committee

Sarah Franks (1991) (Chair)
Rebecca Baillie (1989)
Jessica Combe (2012)
Bronwyn Matthews (1982)


110th Anniversary Grants Sub-committee

Belinda Burton (Tjeuw, 1991) (Chair)
Karen Love (1987)
Anne Mitchell (Macfarlane, 1964)
Kate Nicholls (Hall, 1985)