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Old Girls' Union

110 years of building connections

The Abbotsleigh Old Girls’ Union (AOGU) celebrated its centenary in 2008. The School's first Headmistress, Miss Marian Clarke, recognised the strength of the connections and friendships formed at the School and founded the Union when the School had only a few hundred students. The AOGU now has close to 9,000 members. In 2018, the AOGU is celebrating its 110-year anniversary, after being first formed in 1908 by Abbotsleigh's founding Headmistress, Miss Marian Clarke.

The AOGU Committee works on behalf of the members to sustain and grow our wonderful Old Girl community. Please contact the Old Girls Relations Manager, if you have any questions about the AOGU please phone +61 2 9473 7740.

Margaret Bisley (1967),  Sonia Baillie (Laudams,  1995) and Michelle Vanzella (1987) are AOGU members who are representatives on the Council of Abbotsleigh. 

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Aims of the AOGU

The AOGU aims to maintain and pass down the School's traditions, unite past students of the School with the present, and keep past students of the School connected with each other. 



Life membership is available to anyone who has completed at least four terms of schooling at Abbotsleigh. All Old Girls who finished Year 12 at Abbotsleigh during and after 2006 receive life membership of the AOGU on leaving the School. Life members can vote at meetings and are eligible for election to the Committee and to the position of executive officer of the Committee.




All meetings of the AOGU Committee are open to members of the Union and to Old Girls who are interested in AOGU affairs. Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month in term time at 7.30 pm in the Reception area at the Senior School. To find out more, please contact the Union.

The current Committee members are: 
Suzie Evennett (Taylor, 1984)
Sarah Turner (Langwill, 1987)
Alexandra Norton (Deane, 1983)
Kathy Hawken (Brown,1980)
Karen Love (1987)
Ronda Sutton (Miller, 1973) 
Louise Patrick (Piper, 1983)
Caroline Rigby (Miller, 1984)
Tina (Christina) Graham (Murray-Walker, 1988)
Karina Conn (Lorschy, 1986)
Kim Boniface (Anderson, 1985)

Anne Mitchell (Macfarlane 1964) is the War Records Coordinator. 
Bronwyn Matthews is the AOGU representative on the Abbotsleigh Foundation Board. 
The Recent Leavers' Representative and the AOGU representative on the Abbotsleigh Boarder Parents’ Association will be announced soon.

The AOGU's Honorary Life Members are: Robin Archer (Horwitz, 1959), Jenny Davies (Holman, 1963), Jackie Rees (Selosse, 1969), Margaret Sachs (Coburn, 1965) and Melissa Slattery (Walsh, 1977).


The AOGU's Emeritus Life Members are Kathleen McCredie AM (1945), Sue Cross (Jacobs, 1949) and Robin Kench (Hobart, 1951).


Executive subcommittee

The executive officers of the AOGU Committee are elected at the Annual General Meeting each year. The current executive officers are:


Belinda Burton (Tjeuw, 1991), President
Belinda's two daughters are current Abbotsleigh students and she is a current parent year group representative.

Rebecca Baillie (1989), Vice President
Rebecca has a daughter at Abbotsleigh and has been a member of the Committee for more than a decade.

Kate Nicholls (Hall, 1985), Treasurer
Kate is the mother of two Abbotsleigh students and has been a member of the Committee for three years.

Sarah Franks (1991), Secretary
Sarah has a daughter at Abbotsleigh and joined the committee in 2018.