All the latest news, activities and achievements from Abbotsleigh across our Junior and Senior Schools and from the Abbotsleigh Old Girl community.  

Senior College Tanzanian connections
Our Year 8 boarders have been trading letters with girls from Bunda Girl's Secondary School in Tanzania.

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Senior College An Ancient-themed Fashion Parade
The Year 10 Peer Connections Program put a modern twist on ancient themes and figures.

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Senior College Japanese cultural exchange with Abbotsleigh
Welcome to the girls from Seien Girl's High School, who are visiting this week.

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Junior School | Middle School | Senior College | Giving Mo' Money, No Problem!
Meet the Abbotsleigh MOvember team for 2019: “Dare to MO”

Middle School | Senior College Odd Sock Day at Abbotsleigh
Putting a fun spin on a serious subject, girls wore vibrant odd socks to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Junior School Junior School Sporting Opportunities in 2019
Learn more about the vast range of sporting opportunities offered by Junior School in 2019.

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Early Learning | Junior School | Middle School | Senior College | Boarding | Old Girls Grace Cossington Smith art award 2018
Selected from a shortlist of 37 artists, the winners of the three Grace Cossington Smith art awards were recently announced.

Early Learning | Junior School | Middle School | Senior College | Boarding | Old Girls | Giving | History For those whose futures never unfolded
Abbotsleigh's crocheters and knitters have contributed to the beautiful poppy installation at the Australian War Memorial.

Early Learning | Junior School | Middle School | Senior College | Boarding | Old Girls A letter from the Headmistress
I am very aware of the distress that my support of the Open Letter to Parliament has caused among members of our community.

Junior School 2018 Junior School AbbKart Derby
Year 6 girls took to the track to showcase their racing prowess at the AbbKart Derby.

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Middle School | Senior College AFL has arrived at Abbotsleigh
Abbotsleigh girls make their mark at AFL Gala Day.

Junior School A Double Bass Journey to Dusseldorf
Isabelle Teo (Year 6) recounts her incredible trip to Germany to learn new techniques in a music masterclass.

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Junior School | Middle School | Senior College International Day celebrates global cultures at a local level
Showcasing song, dance and language from across the world, International Day celebrates diversity at Abbotsleigh.

Senior College 2018/19 Prefect Theme and Community Initiatives
Our student leadership team announce the 2018/19 prefect theme and community initiatives.

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Junior School Year 4 Convict Camp
Who would have thought that being a convict could be so much fun – well, for two days at least!

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Senior College The Muffat Collective
The Muffat Collective are historical music specialists, and they've been sharing their talents with our girls in Term 3.

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Early Learning | Junior School | Middle School | Senior College | Boarding Parent Code of Conduct
Making positive choices contributes to a real sense of safety and belonging for our daughters and our community.

Old Girls AOGU 110th Anniversary Grant Program
The AOGU 110th Anniversary Grant Program: helping Old Girls pursue worthwhile endeavours across a range of activities.

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Middle School | Senior College | Boarding Trundle Public School’s latest recruit
Ajax, our former Guide Dog puppy, is winning hearts as a Pets As Therapy Dog way out west.

Junior School Mathematics Town
How do you design and make the perfect town using Mathematics? Just ask Year 1.

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Senior College HSC Showcase 2018
An English Extension 2 student reveals the journey to the HSC Showcase.

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Senior College Year 9 Commerce Market Day
What do Year 7 students really want?

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Middle School | Senior College Ever been inspired by a TED talk?
Amazing things can happen when you embrace the challenge and dare to take a chance.

Senior College 'Be the change' breakfast
From a friendship formed on the Kenyan coast, a life changing organisation was born.

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Junior School | Middle School | Senior College To ban or not to ban...?
Over the last year, there has been much media attention about the use of mobile phones at school.

Early Learning | Junior School | Middle School | Senior College Is giftedness a life sentence?
What can we do as parents and educators to assist our children in being the best that they can be?

Junior School IPSHA Performing Arts festival
An evening of extraordinary music making and collaboration in a spectacular venue.

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Early Learning | Junior School | Middle School | Senior College | Boarding Relief for our country families
Abbotsleigh is dedicated to supporting our boarding community.

Early Learning Early Learning Conference 2018
The changing face of education – the forces shaping Early Learning in the 21st century.

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Middle School | Senior College Abbotsleigh welcomes Ohtani
We have once again been delighted to host girls from our Japanese sister school, Ohtani.

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