Works from the Collection

Works from the collection of the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery and Abbotsleigh

1 to 7 December 2018

An exhibition of works collected by Abbotsleigh, prior to, and since, the inception of the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery.

The GCS Gallery aims to develop a permanent collection of works that will contribute to a national network of Collections held in museums Australia-wide. The collection is intrinsically important to Abbotsleigh in assisting learning in many faculties. Works of art have been mainly acquired by gift and through acquisition from the Grace Cossington Smith art award.

The gallery has status as a cultural gift and DGR recipient.

Any work considered for collection will be considered with regard to the collection areas stated in the GCS Gallery collection policy.


Lucy Barker, Jake Blaschka, Ruth Burgess, Judy Cassab  (1920-2015), Neville Cayley (1886–1950)

Marian Clarke (1853 – 1933) abbotsleigh Founding Headmistress, Maryanne Coutts,

Grace Cossington Smith (1892-1984), Mollie Douglas (1920-2011), Rew Hanks

Elaine Haxton  (1909-1999), Michael Kempson, Margaret Loy Pula

Paul Miller, David Moore (1927 – 2003), Eunice Napangardi c.1950-2005 (Yuendumu NT)

Brian Njinawanga (c1934-2008), Catherine O’Donnell, Margaret Olley (1923 –2011)

John Peart (1945–2013), Ana Pollak, Thea Proctor (1879-1966)

Natalie Rosin, Lisa Sharp, Jeffrey Smart  (1921-2013)

Alick Tipoti (Torres Strait Islands Qld), Mark Titmarsh, Roland Wakelin (1887-1991)

Tommy Watson (Yannima Pikarli Tommy Watson – Pitjantjatjara, (c 1935–2017)

Narelle Wildman, Margaret Woodward


Image above: Margaret Loy Pula (Anmatyerre people of Utopia in Central Australia). Anatye Bush Potato, acrylic on linen, 150 x 150 cm. Winner of the first Grace Cossington smith art award.