Stopping by the colour wheel

Stopping by the colour wheel

(A Fabulation of Three Artists)


15 May – 5 June 2021

In Stopping by the colour wheel (A Fabulation of Three Artists), Nuha Saad, Sherna Teperson and Elefteria Vlavianos take delight in responding to each other’s work — exploring the vibrational and sensate relationships between their specific art practices.

In this exhibition, these artists play with syntax and colour relationships that have evolved through considered juxtaposition, serendipity and play. While most works are authored individually, the installation is the result of many sessions of prior collaborative investigation. The architectural embellishments of the gallery’s four exhibition spaces have also played into this collaboration, and reveal surprising relationships between colour and form, as they also consider the material /immaterial porous boundaries within this exhibition.

Nuha Saad’s practice explores the visceral response we have to colour. Her work takes the form of sculptural paintings (or painterly installations), as she decontextualizes familiar architectural elements and transforms them into vernacular totems of our time.

Sherna Teperson’s practice has been described as a poetics of materials. Through a process of play and crafted material labour, she uses surface vibration and provocative colour to challenge how artificial illumination and backlit technologies belie our expectations of material pigment.

Elefteria Vlavianos’ approaches painting as visual translation, which operates between the representational and the abstract. Through her long-term investigation into colour vibration, she creates liminal, veil-like paintings that edify both presence and absence.

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Photographs copyright Richard Glover 2022