Now If What Then

Now If What Then​

Ecological Designer Stephen Mushin

4 March to 11 April 2015


Now If What Then is an exhibition, and artist residency, from ecological designer Stephen Mushin. Mushin’s drawings tackle problems, pitch ideas, attempt to explain how they could be built, and then explore what on earth would happen if the plans actually went ahead. Each series of illustrations is a thought experiment about a zero-emissions machine supported with maths and sketches to explain the functionality and logic of the ideas.

The exhibition includes a 3D printed model of a cowship and magnet room for visitors to respond to and reimagine Mushin’s fantastic ideas for our planet.


About the Artist:

Based in Melbourne, Stephen Mushin’s illustration, design and performance works explore ecologically sustainable futures, focusing on the interaction between human technologies and the natural world. With a background in industrial design, Stephen has spent the past 15 years working as both an ecological designer on projects dealing with urban food production, waste, renewable energy and master-planning for zero emissions, and as an artist on sustainable futures projects. http://www.stephenmushin.com

In 2014 Stephen exhibited at Spiral Contemporary Art Gallery Tokyo, an exhibition co-curated by Kathryn Hunyor, Art Waku Waku. Selected works are also included in CUSP Designing for the Next Decade, a touring design exhibition curated by Object, Australian Design Centre.


The exhibition includes a Maker Space using Stephen Mushin’s magnetic drawings and Pop Up events

Public Programs:         

7 March     Opening Event    3-5 pm

10 March  Teacher’s afternoon with Stephen Mushin    4.15-6 pm

25 March   After hours with Stephen Mushin    5-8 pm

26 March   After hours Pop up event  in Newtownwith Stephen Mushin    5-8 pm

28 March   Workshop: Designing ecological machines    10 am-4 pm


Stephen Mushin exhibition Now If What Then is in collaboration with Kathryn Hunyor (Art Waku Waku) and Annette Mauer.

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