Drawing as Thought

Drawing as Thought


Works by drawing lecturers at The National Art School Sydney


5  July  to  14 August 2014


Opening with Michael Snelling,  Director National Art School

Exhibition curators Lisa Jones and Maryanne Coutts 

The exhibition brings together 26 teaching artists in a gallery where learning is a focus in exhibition programming.
The artists:

Deborah Beck, Maureen Burns, Andrew Burrell and Katherine Olston, Anthony Cahill, Charles Cooper, Maryanne Coutts, Ben Denham, Lynne Eastaway, Ivor Fabok, David Fairbairn, Rachel Fairfax, Joe Frost, Terry Hayes, Emma Hicks, Paul Higgs, Pollyxenia Joannou, Lisa Jones, Deborah Marks, Daniel Pata, Ambrose Reisch, Jeff Rigby, Margaret Roberts, Kim Spooner, John Stanfield, Noel Thurgate, Belinda Ward.

Maryanne Coutts, Head of the Drawing Department at NAS states, ‘Most artists draw before they do anything else. Drawing is the way that thoughts, sensations, perceptions and ideas first escape from an artist’s head. It has the potential to capture fleeting moments and to organize ideas. Artists can use drawing to describe the experience of seeing, document events, test wild notions or plan major works. This activity, which is at heart, about open-ended investigation and searching, is the way artists think.’


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Photography copyright Richard Glover