Creativity in Wartime

Creativity in Wartime

Imaginative responses to the  First World War, created during 1914-18

23 April to 26 May 2016

Curated by Mary Faith 

Creativity in Wartime commemorates the centenary of the First World War through creative responses to wartime experiences. The circumstances of the war meant creativity surfaced in a multitude of ways as people sought formal and informal ways to respond to the events of the time.

The exhibition presents works by soldiers and civilians, professionals and amateurs, who made time to draw, write poetry, sing, play instruments, produce trench art, sew quilts, knit socks, put on plays, and create cartoons, posters, satirical magazines and tourist items. Some of the artefacts are personal responses by individuals, some are produced at the request of government or media, some are souvenirs for sale while others memorialise and remember. Many are rarely seen personal treasures of historical and cultural significance.

The exhibition includes:

  • Artefacts belonging to Charles Bean and soldiers
  • Artists include: George Lambert, Frank Hurley, Norman Lindsay, May Gibbs
  • Books, poetry, music, magazines and newspapers.
  • Embroidery, sewing and souvenirs
  • Memorial certificates and ​awards
  • catalogue introduction written by Peter Fitzsimons


Creativity in War has been made possible through funding from the Australian Government Anzac Centenary Local Grant Program.




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