Connecting Thread

Connecting Thread

 19 July to 22 August 2019

Robert Brain, Sarah Contos, Sylvia Griffin, Elizabeth Pulie, Mona Ryder

The Grace Cossington Smith Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition Connecting Thread. This conceptually and aesthetically rich selection of works reveals each artist pursuing personal interests such as transitions and rituals in life and the unravelling and reconnecting of history and personal narratives.

As independent curator Lizzy Marshall notes in the catalogue essay to the exhibition:

A structured thread is formed from ideas. Moreover, artworks within Connected Thread are not inert twine nor objects from centuries of tradition. These artworks are a weaving of the conceptual and the material. Each artwork is an invisible performative action by the artist interweaving the political, cultural, autobiographical into an intractable understanding of the contemporary present through the audience experience. 


Image above: Sarah Contos, Before Transcending Moonlight (Gloria #1) Courtesy the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney


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Photography copyright Richard Glover