Arboreal Narratives

Arboreal Narratives

Environmental artists embrace the importance and character of the tree 

15 October to 2 November 2019

A multidisciplinary exhibition in honour of Trees curated by Louise Fowler-Smith.

Artists: Guillermo Batiz with Dr Tamryn Bennett, Paula Broom, Dr Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Amanda Farquharson, Louise Fowler-Smith, Elizabeth Gervay, Ian Grant, Jane Green, Hobart Hughes, Haruka Kokubu, Janet Laurence, Liz Perfect, Miho Watanabe.


Arboreal Narratives explores humanity’s relationship with the tree whilst engaging conceptually with contemporary visual interpretations surrounding arboreal imagery. Repositioning the tree from a mere vernacular image to a sentient entity in and of itself, this exhibition and symposium memorialises aspects of the natural environment that we have lost or are at risk of losing.

The exhibition comprises artists from different cultures and countries, some of whom are members of the contemporary Eco-Art collective, the Tree Veneration Society (TVS), along with noted and internationally renowned environmental/eco artists such as Janet Laurence and Maria Fernanda Cardoso, who explore the importance of the tree and the natural environment in their work.



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