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Swimming and diving

The Aquatic Centre runs a number of learn to swim and swimming squad programs, as well as diving programs.

These sessions are designed for everyone from beginners to elite athletes and run in term time as well as our ever popular holiday program.

Learn to swim

There are five levels of classes in the learn to swim and elementary stroke correction program. Participants progress through the program as they become more confident and develop new skills in the water.

The levels include:

  • Water Confidence: an introduction to water confidence and safety through games, kicking practice and teacher assisted floats, submersions, torpedoes and underwater pull development in freestyle.
  • Gold Fish: develop floats, torpedoes, straight leg kicking practice and freestyle and backstroke arms. Dolphin kicking and teacher assisted seated dives are introduced. 
  • Aqua Ducks: learn the breathing process for freestyle, as well as kicking in all four strokes. The early stages of butterfly and breaststroke are introduced. 
  • Sea Turtles: can swim continuously for 12.5 m demonstrating correct technique in freestyle breathing and backstroke. Children aim to improve butterfly and breaststroke. 
  • Swordfish: can swim 50 m in freestyle and backstroke and have good coordination between the arms and legs for butterfly and breaststroke. Tumble turns and short sprints are introduced. 


Squads program

There are five levels of classes in the squads program with session times ranging from 45 minutes to an hour. Participants are encouraged to join the Swim Club and to compete in club nights and external competitions.

The competitive stream program has four levels with each level designed for a particular age group. Session times range from one to two hours. Swimmers in these classes must join the Swim Club and commit to a minimum number of sessions per week. 


Diving classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and cater for boys and girls from beginners through to elite divers. Students have the opportunity to learn to springboard dive in a fun, safe and challenging environment. The competition program is flexible to deliver personal goal oriented outcomes for the individual athlete. The program uses mats and harnesses to teach aerial awareness. 


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For more information

Please contact the Aquatic Centre on 9473 7830 or talk to staff at Aquatic Centre reception to discuss available assessment times.