Welcome to the Junior School

When young children start school, they bring an innate sense of curiosity, wonder and excitement. These powerful attributes, when complemented with our educational programs and facilities, allow each student to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Welcome to the Junior School

On the Junior School Campus, girls from Transition to Year 6 become thinkers of great character who are connected and engaged. They see learning as a collaborative, iterative process that involves risk taking, mistake making and ultimately a successful endeavour. Through explicit instruction and the application of skills, knowledge and dispositions in enquiry-based activities, learning is good hard fun.

Schooling begins

As our young girls start school in Transition, they bring an innate sense of curiosity, wonder and excitement. Girls may also join the Junior School in Kindergarten, Year 3, Year 5 or somewhere in between. Wherever they begin, girls are immersed in our culture of deep, engaged learning, these powerful attributes allow each student to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Girls will be supported to form meaning connections and friendships with peers. Our transition processes assist girls and parents to settle well into our school community.

Excitement for learning

Attaining highly proficient literacy and numeracy skills are essential, but so too is the application of these skills in deep learning projects. Differentiated instruction ensures learning is challenging and stimulating for all. Our enquiry learning approach recognises the important of the voice of the child and the benefit of learning through experiencing, exploring and interacting. The joy of learning is had when we begin to use our mastered skills and knowledge to innovate and create.

Our Christian purpose

Our Christian faith underpins all we do here at Abbotsleigh. Our values of compassion, courage, integrity, perseverance and respect encourage us to model a Christ like existence. Our girls respond with student-initiated service projects that see them looking outwards to have positive social impact.

Physical environment

We believe that the environment has a profound impact on learning. Our architecturally designed learning spaces are light-filled and technology rich. Our newly opened Library and Innovation Centre inspires the imagination and creates a powerful enquiry hub in the centre of our campus.

STEM Street includes large indoor and outdoor spaces to tinker, construct, think mathematically, engineer and explore scientifically. This space provides opportunity for our girls to see the interconnected nature of these disciplines as they grow their knowledge, curiosity and imagination for what is possible in a STEM world.

The Art Centre enables light to flood in through panels of glazing to inspire girls to imagine, create, appreciate and respond in a multitude of media. Our Music Centre is home to music making and appreciating through both class lessons and multiple ensembles.

Our expansive grounds are treelined, aesthetic and invite exploration and active play. Girls enjoy everything from play equipment, scootering and skateboard spaces and stunning gardens to a sports oval, tennis courts and an outdoor heated swimming pool.

Wellbeing matters

At Abbotsleigh, we recognise the important connection between wellbeing, learning and flourishing. We proactively strive to enhance the academic, social, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of each girl through our Pre K- Year 12 Wellbeing Framework.

We are committed to providing a positive, caring and nurturing environment that supports each girls’ growth and development. Equally important are opportunities for girls to engage robustly and in positive risk taking along with recognising that mistakes are essential to growth. Our approach to wellbeing assists each girl to flourish and be empowered to make a positive impact in her world today and tomorrow.

Positive social impact

Through service-learning activities, we encourage our girls to be compassionate, empathetic and outward looking. Learning through giving service is a hallmark of our girls’ experiences in Junior School. Whether learning how to care for our physical environment, connecting with children at St Lucy’s or engaging with senior citizens at local nursing homes, our girls build insight to the importance of respecting and valuing all. The Junior School’s partnership with St Jude’s School in Tanzania and World Vision provides rich opportunities for mutual learning and service.