There are five levels of classes in the learn to swim and elementary stroke correction program. Participants progress through the program as they become more confident and develop new skills in the water.

Swim class levels

30 minute class | Max four students
This course is a general introduction to water confidence and safety, working towards swimming 5 metres unaided on front and back.
30 minute class | Max four students
Goldfish work to develop skills in floats, torpedoes and straight leg kicking practice, as well as freestyle and backstroke arms.
Aqua Ducks
30 minute class | Max five students
The main emphasis is correct body position, arm action and kick for freestyle and backstroke. Bilateral breathing, breaststroke kicking and the dolphin action are introduced.
Sea Turtles
30 minute class | Max six students
Sea turtles will be able to swim continuously for 12.5 metres while demonstrating smooth technique in freestyle and backstroke. Breaststroke and butterfly are developed.
30 minute class | Max seven students
All four competitive strokes continue to be developed, emphasising correct technique and building strength to progress to squad program. Two lessons per week are highly recommended.
Squads program

There are five levels in the squad program and session times range from 45 minutes to an hour. Participants are encouraged to join the Swim Club and compete in club nights and external competitions.

The competitive stream program has four levels with each level designed for a particular age group. Session times range from one to two hours. Swimmers in these classes must join the Swim Club and commit to a minimum number of sessions per week.

Junior and Senior Challenge Squads
60 minute class
Junior Challenge Target age 8-12
Senior Challenge Target age 12+
Interval training sets in all four competitive strokes are used to develop speed and endurance. Graded lane space, use of a pace clock and a variety of drills help to improve racing skills and technique. Challenge squad swimmers work together in an enjoyable group environment.
60 minute class | Target age 13+
Swimfit is a non-competitive squad designed for swimmers who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle while developing technique and endurance in all four strokes. Two sessions a week are recommended for optimum fitness benefits.
90 minute class | Target age 9-13
Limited places
The white squad refines technique in all four strokes and develops competitive skills such as starts, turns, finishes and underwater strokes. Squad training disciplines, use of a pace clock, programs and training activities are encouraged. White swimmers must join the Abbotsleigh Swimming Club and commit to a minimum number of sessions per week. There are also dry land session requirements in this squad.
Black and Gold
1.5-2 hour sessions
Black Squad | Target age 13-17
Gold Squad | Target age 14+
This squad offers advanced training for swimmers in school (IGSA), state and national competitions. There are dry land session requirements in these squads. Black and Gold swimmers also learn about nutrition, race preparation and psychology, strength, flexibility, goal setting and reaching one’s full potential. Selection into the Black and Gold squads is at the Head Coach’s discretion. Consideration is given to how many sessions each swimmer takes per week, competitive experience and success.


Boys and girls from beginner to elite can dive on 1 metre and 3 metre springboards in a fun and safe environment. The competition program is flexible to deliver personal goal oriented outcomes for the individual athlete. The dry land program uses mats and a harness to teach aerial awareness.