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A wide range of co-curricular programs is open to students to complement the School's holistic learning opportunities. The School encourages excellence in sporting, music and performing arts arenas, and promotes the values of working together and being respectful of others.

Students develop initiative and enhance their leadership skills through Abbotsleigh's Duke of Edinburgh program, debating and public speaking, and involvement in co-curricular clubs. 

Girls can also opt to take extended tuition classes via AbbSchool programs.



Music is an art form through which the act of expressing enhances emotions, the intellect and imagination.

Performing arts

Performing arts
At Abbotsleigh, the performing arts are a way to channel and grow the creative energy that lies within each individual.


Abbotsleigh has a proud tradition of sport participation and remarkable performance levels across a broad range of sports.

Clubs and activities

Clubs and activities
Abbotsleigh girls add to the richness of their school experience by participating in the School's clubs and activities.

Debating and public speaking

Debating and public speaking
Debating and public speaking are great ways for students to hone their speaking skills, think critically, gain confidence and have fun.

Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh
The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is available to any young person looking for a challenge, adventure and personal development.



Extended Tuition Background


Extended tuition


Studies have shown that involvement in extended tuition can promote a sense of engagement with school, which in turn has a positive influence on achievement, attendance and aspiration to higher levels of education. Extended tuition provides opportunities for leadership and personal growth and teaches the value of teamwork, competition and responsibility.

At Abbotsleigh, AbbSchool is made up of two important areas within the Abbotsleigh community: extended tuition and the school holiday program. The purpose of AbbSchool is to encourage participation, fun and friendship through a range of exciting activities. 

The opportunities are not limited to girls who attend the School. Adult courses, the holiday program and some extended tuition courses are also available to the wider community including parents, friends, siblings (including boys) and residents from the local area. 

AbbSchool's extensive range of activities and courses covers a variety of topics. For full details on all our programs, please download the AbbSchool or Music Extended Tuition booklets for 2020 below.


Student wellbeing

We understand the important link between student wellbeing and learning and development.  Abbotsleigh proactively strives to enhance the physical, emotional, academic and spiritual wellbeing of each student through are comprehensive Kindergarten to Year 12 wellbeing framework. Our staff work hard to provide a caring, nurturing environment that supports each girls’ further growth and development in all areas of their wellbeing.

Underpinning all activities at Abbotsleigh is the extensive Pastoral Care and Academic Care for the promotion of student wellbeing.

Palmer Library


Junior School

Palmer Library is the hub of the Junior School: an inviting and friendly space focused on the love of literature and learning. 

Library hours
Monday to Friday 
8-8.15 am, 1-1.30 pm, 3-4 pm
Closed weekends

Betty Archdale Library


Senior School

The Betty Archdale Library provides a unique environment fostering student centred learning in flexible learning areas.

Library hours
Monday to Thursday 7.30 am-8.30 pm
Friday 7.30 am-5 pm
Closed weekends

News and events

Abbotsleigh is a vibrant and busy place.

Our news and events section keeps you up to date with what's going on. 

Share in our joys. Take part in our events.

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