Early Learning Centre

Abbotsleigh's Early Learning Centre’s policies and practices reflect the School's core principles, including our Christian ethos, the pursuit of personal as well as academic excellence, respect for oneself and others, a will to serve, parental support and involvement, and a broad, well balanced education.

We understand the importance of early learning and the way in which it forms the foundation for future development. We also understand that the relationships we form with you have a significant impact on your child’s happiness, wellbeing and success in learning.

The stimulating environment of our Early Learning Centre is one where young children feel safe and supported in their explorations. Curiosity, initiative, creativity and imaginative play are actively encouraged.

Our beliefs

Young children are full of curiosity and wonder about their world. They learn from everything that happens to them and around them; they do not separate their learning into different subjects and disciplines. In fact, they learn best when they:

  • are actively involved and interested 
  • feel confident in themselves
  • have time and space to produce work of quality and depth
  • are encouraged to think for themselves so that they can learn to act independently

Our aim is to foster the curiosity and creativity of each child through fun, stimulating programs where children can play with ideas, ask questions, be involved in problem solving and actively engage in experiences. 

Our educational programs

Our programs are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach from northern Italy and enriched by other leading early childhood philosophies. We recognise the potential of young children to question, reflect, problem solve, theorise, experiment and express their findings in a variety of artistic ways.

Information technology

As is current practice at Abbotsleigh, appropriate technology is used when it enhances learning opportunities. Our educators use technology to document the projects on which children have been working throughout the day and this forms part of our communication with parents.

Family involvement

Relationships are an important facet of life at Abbotsleigh. Families are actively involved in meetings, conferences, seminars, celebrations and events. Parents receive regular and ongoing feedback about the development of their child.


Want to know more? Come and visit the ELC

There is no better way to find out more than to see for yourself. Tours of the Centre are conducted on the last Friday of the month, March to November, from 9.30-10.30 am by the Director of Early Learning, Ms Shelley Laycock. Please note that tour groups are kept to a maximum of 5-7 families to minimise disruption to the children. To ensure your place on your preferred day, please book early. 

PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with COVID-19 restrictions/protocols, tours may be cancelled at any time and will only resume when government restrictions or Abbotsleigh school policy allow.

To book or for more information, please call the Early Learning Centre on 9473 7950.


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Contact the Early Learning Centre

Ms Shelley Laycock, Director of Early Learning
22 Woonona Avenue
Wahroonga NSW 2076
Phone: +61 2 9473 7950
Email: elc@abbotsleigh.nsw.edu.au