Outdoor education

Abbotsleigh’s outdoor education programs for Kindergarten through to Year 11 call extensively upon the girls to develop relationships with others in an environment that requires initiative, perseverance and adaptability. Through bushwalking, camping, high and low ropes courses, rock climbing, canoeing, mountain biking and navigating, Abbotsleigh girls are taught responsibility and the value of working within a challenge by choice environment. 

Outdoor education is a significant component of the Abbotsleigh curriculum and our program takes every advantage of the diversity of natural environments available in NSW. 

The program illustrates Abbotsleigh’s commitment to experiential learning and enhances the effectiveness of learning by providing situations where consequence of action has a real and timely impact through elements of perceived risk.

The philosophy of the program has its foundation in self reliance, personal growth and development through participation in adventurous challenges. Activities allow students to expand their own horizons, as well as refine social skills like cooperative and collaborative teamwork.

Outdoor education at Abbotsleigh works to complement the academic and pastoral programs through the development of resilience, courageous leadership, interdependence and communication in each girl. Girls will have the opportunity to develop a sense of self, others and the natural world through a range of diverse experiences in the outdoors.