Year 12 HSC Showcase



On 22 August, all Year 12 Music 1, 2 and Extension students performed pieces from their HSC repertoire for their peers, elective music students, teachers and parents. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase each student’s hard work from years of dedication and commitment, illustrating their skills at their instrument; be it voice, piano, violin or even the saxophone and trombone. 



Each student demonstrated their creativity, talent and passion for music within their solo or ensemble performances as it featured diverse performances stretching back from the 1800s, to 19th century pieces to contemporary pop from the 21st century. Furthermore, the audience was invited to listen to different students’ compositions that consisted of a wide variety of styles but also of instrumental combinations. The audience heard unusual mixtures of tone colours because of the composer’s use of extended techniques with their instruments or with the way they chose to feature a particular instrument. 



Many thanks to our wonderful music teachers – Ms Harding, Mrs Little, Mrs Clarke and Mr Sdrualig for all their help in preparing each student with their performances and with the compositions, we could not have done it without you!


Design and Technology


The Year 12 Design and Technology projects showcased innovative and creative design concepts across the areas of architecture, interiors, textiles, fashion, industrial and furniture design.





The students have been working on developing design solutions for an identified need or opportunity they have identified. It is always inspiring to see the realisation of the projects after three terms of ongoing decision making, problem-solving, set backs and successes.




The encouragement the girls give each other is a true testament to the collaborative nature of learning and acknowledgement that working with others provides such value to their project success.


Visual Arts



The sometimes daunting experience of creating a body of work is intellectually rigorous, time-consuming and demands a healthy dose of bravery – not to mention a substantial amount of resilience.






All skills that are lifelong lessons as students move into their post-school life. Our students know the value of Visual Arts. They know that they can transform ideas into physical representations and as such reflect their capabilities as thinkers, learners and makers.








The end result is inspiring and truly worthy of celebration. I would like to thank our Visual Arts Department, in particular Annabel Armstrong, for her dedication and Suzanne Heymans for her invaluable assistance. I also wish to congratulate each student for completing such accomplished, sensitive and thought provoking works of art.




To view more photos of the HSC Major works, visit our Facebook photo album here. 




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