Year 10 works it 9 to 5



Over the past week, Year 10 students have spent their time in the workforce, across varied locations around Sydney, the state and interstate. The range of jobs they have sampled has been immense. Large numbers have been to law firms, attending court and client meetings or to vets, where they have helped clean and feed injured animals, as well as observing surgery and routine procedures. Plenty have worked in pre-schools and primary schools, acting as a teacher's aide and supporting student learning. Alternatively, others have worked in an allied health area like physiotherapy or radiology, engaging with clients, while observing a variety of treatments. Some have explored the creative industries, working in areas like the media, or as designers, photographers, caterers or in the theatre. Business and research are areas that also attracted a number of students.

In all these varied areas, the students have been lucky to have had dedicated supervisors, who have provided them with great learning experiences. They have offered them meaningful tasks to undertake, as shown in the photos, thereby giving them a true taste of the work they have selected to experience. The girls have had a unique opportunity to test their communication and teamwork skills, while learning what subjects at school and which tertiary pathways might best suit them if they wanted to work in this area in the future. Any student who discovered that they did not want to work in the field they had sampled, had a similarly valuable experience, as they now are sure about what they do NOT want to do! 



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