Why do we do work experience in Year 10?




Next week Year 10 will spend a week in the workforce, testing out their ideas about what might be a suitable pathway for them in the future. There is currently a lot of excitement among the girls as they make their preparations, and there will certainly be lots of tales to relate about their experiences, once they return to school again in Week 6.

Work experience is an extremely valuable tool in helping students to develop new skills and to explore their career ideas. All research, done both by universities and within the workplace itself, has emphatically shown the importance that employers place on their potential employees having an understanding of the workplace. Work experience is an initial starting point for students to develop their transferable skills such as communication and teamwork, along with building their self confidence and gaining new knowledge. From this starting point, they can move on to part-time work, volunteering and internships to increase their workplace participation. In the UK, a Highfliers survey showed that more than a third of graduates who had no previous work experience had little or no chance of receiving a job offer. It helps students to learn how to network and to source mentors who can assist them along their career journey.

Our girls are lucky to have this opportunity to demonstrate their employability and technical skills at an early age. Many motivated students continue on to complete additional work experience placements in their school holiday breaks, to build on their understanding of the workplace.


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