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Walk Safely to School Day is an annual, national event when all primary school children are encouraged to walk (or ride) safely to school. This event aims to promote healthy habits in children, encouraging them to be more active in their daily lives. It also promotes pedestrian and bike safety and endeavours to reduce the number of cars on our roads. 

This year the event will be held on Friday 19 May 2017. On this day we encourage all girls to take the chance to be active and walk or ride to school as this is a wonderful way to incorporate physical exercise in your daughter's daily life. All girls are encouraged to walk or ride as much of their journey to school as is feasible. This may be simply walking up from the station or being dropped off on the eastern side of the railway line and walking to school from this location. Other girls may find it feasible to walk or ride the entire journey to school on this day. 

This year, Year 5 is ‘driving’ this initiative after conducting research and data collection on the traffic congestion in Wahroonga village. A ‘walking bus’ will be launched on Friday 19 May and girls who want to join in will meet at Wahroonga Park at 7.45 am with a departure time of 7.50 am sharp for the walk to school. Parents will be assisting on the walk. 

Of course both the crossing adjacent to the Scout Hall and the one in front of the School are supervised at the beginning and end of each school day. Please note that the Pedestrian Council recommends that children 10 years of age and younger should hold an adult's hand when crossing an unsupervised crossing or road. We therefore encourage parents of Infants girls to walk to school with their daughters. 

Some tips for ensuring your daughter develops vital road skills:

Stop! Look! Listen! Think! Every time you cross the road
Hold hands when near or crossing the road, especially for Infants girls
Use a safe place to cross 
Wait till the bus has gone, then use a safe place to cross the road
Stick to paths and be very careful of cars pulling out of driveways.

Further information on the program can be obtained from Walk Safely to School

We would love this to be the start of your 'walk to school' campaign for the remainder of the year.



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