The Abbotsleigh Baroque Music Project



Girls in the Senior Strings are currently involved in an exciting project where they are working towards a concert of Baroque music in Term 4. They are being mentored by members of The Muffat Collective, a group of Australian musicians who have studied in Europe and perform historically informed Baroque music. We had our first combined rehearsal last week, and our program of Telemann and Vivaldi is progressing well. Members of The Muffat Collective also worked with our Elective Music classes and renowned expert on Baroque dancing, Fiona Garlick, gave workshops to the music classes. Trinity Teh (Year 7) reflected on her experiences of the Baroque Project so far.

This term, Senior Strings have been working on performing Baroque music with The Muffat Collective, who are a string group which focuses on 17th and 18th century chamber music. Senior Strings and The Muffat Collective had a workshop on the Overture Burlesque de Quixotte by Telemann, which we have been practising in our rehearsals. They taught us how to play certain phrases with Baroque techniques on the bow, which helped improve the quality of the sound. The Muffat Collective also helped us with Baroque dynamics and phrasing, all of which is very different to the way that we would normally play. I found that the workshops were very useful, as I felt that this was a good experience for the ensemble to learn how to play Baroque music authentically. By having these workshops, our playing has improved and allowed us to learn more about how to be professional musicians. It was interesting to work with The Muffat Collective and I hope to apply these techniques in Senior Strings and in my learning of music.

Abigail Leong and Annabelle Lai (Year 7) reflected on their experiences in the Baroque dance workshop

Last week, we had the pleasure of spending our music lesson watching, listening and dancing with Fiona Garlick, a specialist in Baroque dancing. She spoke about the Baroque period and the comparison between the lives of people in the 17th and 18th centuries and us. She taught us some of the dance steps for a Minuet, Sarabande, Gavotte and Gigue, and soon we found ourselves swept up in the joy of dancing around the circle, accompanied by the exact Baroque music that we are practising in Senior Strings. This was an eye opening experience for all of us and we really appreciated being part of this impromptu incursion.



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