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Imagine this. You have a brand new iPad Pro, with a 9.7 inch screen. It’s beautiful, flawless and the pride and joy of your life (for the moment). There’s just one small problem with it. It doesn’t have connectivity to the internet. And your experience would be just that little bit better if only you could connect your iPad with the outside world. The internet, just like the Student Alliance Networking Group (SANG), is a way for students to connect with one another.

SANG is an interschool organisation that has been running since 2014, with the aim of bringing together girls from schools all across Sydney. Groups like SANG are that extra punch of flavour in an overall exciting school life. It gives students an opportunity to meet others from different schools who share the same passion and drive for the issues that we deem important in Australian society.





This year, SANG proposed a project that would enable girls to get out of their comfort zone and become acquainted with each other. The Abbotsleigh team was split up, each of us joining a group with a topic that we were passionate about. Some of these topics were, ‘education equality in the first world’, ‘women in the workforce’, ‘sexuality’, ‘representation of women’, ‘women in power’ and ‘sexual discrimination’.

SANG met once a term, and group members stayed in contact with one another through emails and texts. We swapped ideas and thoughts, each of us sharing our school values and reinforcing one another’s beliefs for equality in Australia.




The culmination of our meetings was a showcase, held on the 18th of October at Pymble Ladies College. The showcase itself was a flurry of speakers and a blur of colours, each group proudly exhibiting their research to other students along with teachers and principals. Students spoke to visitors about their ideas and thoughts, handing out leaflets and chatting about potential service projects and the new information learnt.

The showcase was overall a huge success, each of the 200 girls enjoying themselves enormously as the day moved swiftly into night. All too soon, it was over, and we parted ways with the newfound friends we had made, swapping emails and phone numbers, each with our head held high. SANG gave us each an opportunity to do something special, to educate the community about something we love.


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