Sorting Our Rubbish


Our sincere thanks to special guest Susan Filan, Abbotsleigh’s Head of Environmental Education, who attended the APA meeting this week. Susan discussed Abbotsleigh's Sustainability Policy and shared some very real and quite shocking statistics regarding the major problem of waste in Australia, at Abbotsleigh, and individually.

Susan also shared some of the plans that are currently being discussed to ensure Abbotsleigh's Sustainability Policy is being actioned. In particular, Susan noted that sustainability is very much a part of the Master Planning, with a focus on reducing both energy consumption and landfill waste. There are also plans to introduce sorting and recycling at the Junior School (for students, in several locations), nude food initiatives, and a renewed plan to collect paper and cardboard for recycling (there is a large amount of paper waste produced in a school environment).

One of the major actions that we can take, as a School and as parents, is to correctly sort our waste. In our local council area, we are used to doing that sorting at home, into our four bins:
Cardboard/paper (blue lid)
Plastic bottles, cans and glass (yellow lid)
Green waste (green lid)
Landfill (red lid)

We can extend that knowledge and develop habits of sorting correctly when we are at school events where the different bins are provided. We ask for your support with this by being mindful of each item's packaging and ensuring that it goes into the correct bin.   

We also ask for you to support your daughters in the important habit of pausing and then sorting their own waste correctly. Their future relies on it! 


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