Senior School Pedestrian Safety

SS girls crossing footbridge

Coming to school from the station, all girls must: 
walk down the path behind the shops, adjacent to the station. Girls may not go through the village unless they have permission from the prefects on duty. This is so members of the public are not inconvenienced (or knocked by girls and their school bags) in the village.
cross Coonanbarra Road at the crossing next to IGA and walk to school along the footpath provided in a manner that is considerate to members of the public
cross the Pacific Highway using the footbridge*

Coming to school from Wahroonga car park: 
Should you arrange to drop off or meet your daughter in Wahroonga car park on Coonanbarra Road, your daughter MUST walk to the pedestrian crossings provided. She may not cross the road anywhere else, including at lights at the top of Coonanbarra Road where it meets the Highway. It is simply TOO dangerous. 
NB. A girl from another school was knocked over running across Coonanbarra Road last year. None of us wishes to experience that ever again.

Going to the station or Wahroonga car park in the afternoon
Girls are to cross the highway using the footbridge and cross Coonanbarra Road at the pedestrian crossing.
If going to meet you in Wahroonga car park, girls should then cross at the pedestrian crossing at Railway Parade and walk along the footpath towards the car park.                                     

Car Safety
We encourage our girls to use the very good public transport provided to travel to and from school. However, we recognise that sometimes, when girls have to carry heavy musical instruments or sports equipment, you may choose to drive her to, or pick her up from school. Please note the following safety guidelines.

Ada Avenue
If your daughter has an early morning sport or music practice before 7.30 am, please enter Gate 1A, and drop her off at the appropriate place at the edge of the car park. Similarly, you can pick up your daughter from the same place in the car park after 4 pm.
Should you drop off your daughter across the road from the school on Ada Avenue, she must walk to the lights at the Pacific Highway and cross at Ada Avenue when she is given the signal to do so. She certainly must not run across the road from your car.
Please respect the request to not use any driveways of the car parks – Gates 1, 1A and 2 on Ada Avenue as a turning bay or drop off zone. Apart from inconveniencing other drivers as traffic is held up, pedestrians walk along the footpath and cars are parked on either side of the driveway, making it a very dangerous manoeuvre. 

Please note, you do not need to turn around to rejoin the Highway. Please travel a little way down Ada Avenue and turn left onto Munderah Avenue. This will take you to the Highway, where you can make a left-hand turn and resume your journey north. Should you wish to travel south, I encourage you to continue down Ada Avenue to Fox Valley Road and turn left. This will take you to the lights at the Highway where you can turn right.

Picking up girls from the Library after hours
Please note that you may enter Gate 7 and park in the car park near the Library or the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery so that you may pick up your daughter should she be studying in the library after hours.


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