Psychology Week 2016: Ways to thrive




This week, between 9-15 November, it  is National Psychology Week – the aim of which is to increase public awareness about how psychology can assist people and school communities to lead more meaningful, healthier and happier lives.

The theme this year is 'Ways to Thrive'.  Research has found that by focusing on the Five Key Pillars of Positive Psychology: Positive emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment (PERMA), we can enhance our health, happiness and life satisfaction.  The girls have been provided with this important information about wellbeing and are welcome to talk to our counsellors about their own mental health and wellbeing needs.  




Five ways to thrive

  • Positive emotions: Experiencing positive feelings such as joy, calmness, and satisfaction. 
  • Engagement: Being interested and involved in life. 
  • Relationships: Feeling loved, valued, and connected with others. 
  • Meaning: Having a sense of direction, feeling that our lives are valuable and worthwhile, and connecting to something bigger than ourselves. 
  • Accomplishment: The belief and ability to do things that matter most to us, achieving goals, ad having a sense of mastery.

For further information visit Psychology Week  or contact Liz Cannon.




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