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Within the boundaries of School, students often become known, for example, for their success in the classroom, or on the sporting field or as a performer. These attributes can help to build self-confidence and might be considered a "personal brand" by some people. It is important that we all work to start building our personal brand while still at school, but how can you do this?

If you happen to be a talented musician for instance, you might become well known for this talent and people might "brand" you in this way. However, you know very well that it is more than mere talent that gained you this level of recognition and respect. There is a lot of practice and perseverance required also. It is the capacity for hard work that gets you to the level of elite musician and it is this "brand" that you will take with you into the outside world. 

However, for those without the same level of musical talent (or any similar gift), do not feel that you can never establish a personal brand. You can do so in many ways. You can gain a high level of respect and recognition (thus developing your personal brand) by developing your own qualities. It might be through being genuine, trustworthy and sincere. It might be through taking personal responsibility for your actions or through being reliable and dedicated to a cause.

After you have completed your tertiary studies and move into the workforce, it will be your personal brand, as much as your academic achievements. that attracts a prospective employer, so start your planning now about what personal qualities that you want to develop and to be known for. Practice makes perfect!

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