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As you may have read in Mrs Krimmer's Shuttle article last week, the APA has worked with the School to put together a Parent Code of Conduct. It is a reminder that our role modelling as parents is powerful. Making positive choices contributes to a real sense of safety and belonging for our daughters and our community. Please see below the rationale for this document, a statement of shared values, and the expectations around positive role modelling.

Parents are the first role models for children. The choices parents make, and the behaviours we exhibit, have a significant influence on our children. The School has a clear expectation of student conduct. Accordingly, it is appropriate to document expectations around Abbotsleigh parent conduct at school and off site (for sport or other school-related events).  

The Parent Code of Conduct relates to parents, grandparents, carers and other visitors to the school (including volunteer roles) and attending off site school events. 

When a community shares common values, we are guided towards our common goal with collaboration and a sense of belonging. Abbotsleigh released a new Strategic Plan in 2017 with five key values (chosen by the girls themselves): 

Integrity. We do what's right, not what's easy. 
Respect. We value everyone for who they are. 
Courage. We dare to take risks. 
Compassion. We lift each other up. 
Perseverance. We get up, we don't give up. 

The Abbotsleigh Parents' Association supports these values and invites the parent community to consider them in all interactions with teachers, other parents and students, both on and off the school grounds.  

Positive Role Modelling 
As parents, it is our responsibility to role model good citizenship and ethical conduct. For our community to be coherent, our effort is required to maintain goodwill. This includes: 

Being inclusive
Being open minded and adaptable 
Accepting cultural and religious diversity 
Interacting respectfully with staff, students and other parents 
Assume positive intent from all 
Appropriate and respectful conduct at functions (including sport and other school-related events) 
Appropriate and respectful conduct while driving

For the full version of the Parent Code of Conduct, please click here

Should you wish to provide feedback, please feel free to contact any of the following:

The Headmistress, Megan Krimmer
The Head of Junior School, Sally Ruston
APA President, Kathy Campbell

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