Work-life balance



Whether you are in the workforce or a student, getting an adequate work/life balance is becoming increasingly hard. 

Recent statistics published by The Australian Institute indicate that two-thirds of the workforce feel that they currently do not have the balance right.

The report goes on to say that people feel strongly, that their health, wellbeing and relationships are all being negatively affected by this fact. In particular, the press is full of reports about the stress experienced by young doctors, who have to work long shifts in the hospitals (16 hour days and 90 hour weeks), but still have additional study to complete and friends and family who want to see them.

It is important that we teach our students how essential a well-balanced life is to our overall wellbeing. To this end, at school we provide the senior students with relaxation exercises and stress the importance of a healthy diet and adequate sleep to all our students. The student diary is supplied as a tool to help them manage their time. All of us need to acknowledge that there are times when we should not be afraid to say ‘no’ and to schedule in relaxation time.

When approaching weekends and holidays, let us all make sure that there is rest time factored into our plans.



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