Leadership at Abbotsleigh



 L-R: Victoria (Tori) Rennie (Gosper 1987) with one of her former Abbotsleigh Junior School teachers, herself an Abbotsleigh Old Girl, Mrs Patricia Hood (Pain 1947). 


Tori Rennie returned to the School this year as the Deputy Headmistress and generously shared some time letting us get to know her.

How does it feel to be back at Abbotsleigh?

I feel truly blessed to be back at Abbotsleigh- working where my schooling began.  While the school has changed in many ways,  much has stayed the same. The best part of my role is to have the opportunity to work with so many aspects of the Abbotsleigh community and being able to forge relationships with staff, students and parents. 

You have sent all your daughters to the School as well – what is the core reason for your faith in the School?

I have three daughters who are all Abbotsleigh girls.  We are so thankful for what the school has offered them and feel grateful that we could give them the opportunity to share in many of the experiences I had as a student.  Each girls is unique in their gifts and we feel that Abbotsleigh encourages each girl to realise these and work to their own potential.  The other reason Abbotsleigh was our school of choice was its Christian focus.  Each of our girls have been nurtured in their faith and love of Jesus.

Would you describe yourself as a typical Abbotsleigh Girl – what qualities would you attribute to that Girl?

I certainly would attribute my sense of persistence and determination to my schooling at Abbotsleigh.  I think Abbotsleigh girls learn to be confident in their abilities and gain a will to succeed in anything they set their mind too.  I also learned the importance of giving back- a will to serve is certainly something that Abbotsleigh girls possess.

What are your passions?

I have a passion for reading.  My other passion is anything food related- exploring new cuisines, recipes and cooking.  Cookbooks and cooking shows are how I spend my spare time.

Why choose education?

Education was something that I came to after having my first two children.  It wasn’t something I had thought of pursuing as a career until my aunt, a teacher, said that she thought I’d be a good teacher.  So I spent a day in her classroom and just loved it.  I love learning myself and have a passion for literature so combining the two has been a great joy for me.  For me, I see educating as a passion rather than a career.  

What do you do outside of Abbotsleigh that makes you happy?

Much of my weekend is taken up by sport- and this makes me happy- watching my girls and other Abbotsleigh teams.  On Sundays, I serve at St James Church in the children’s ministry.  I love spending time with the teenage leaders- their dedication to leading the younger children and passion for Jesus is a constant inspiration and encouragement for me and is certainly a highlight of my week.  



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