Junior School Pedestrian Safety

Walk Safely to School Day

Girls walking to and from the Junior School are to: 
use the wombat crossing adjacent to the front gate and the pedestrian crossing in Warwilla Avenue adjacent to the Scout Hall 
use the path behind the shops, adjacent to the railway line when accessing the train station
use the path on the northern side of Coonanbarra Road to reach the pedestrian overpass bridge when accessing the Senior School
engage in a manner that is purposeful and respectful of other pedestrians and motorists.

Girls using the School and community buses are to: 
wait inside the school gates until the bus pulls up in Woonona Avenue
board the bus swiftly, take a seat and put on the seatbelt
remain in the seat with the seatbelt fastened until the bus pulls up at her bus stop

Girls arriving and departing school by car are: 
to be dropped off in the Lower Car Park from 7.50 am. No other location is to be used and parents are asked to remain in the car while dropping off 
at no time to arrive at school using the Upper Car Park area as this location is unsupervised and restricted to truck deliveries each morning; this area is unsafe at this time
to be collected from the Lower Car Park in the afternoons with family name displayed in the windscreen if in Years K-3 and 5 
to be collected from the Upper Car Park if in Years 4 and 6

Showing Respect 
We seek support from all parents in always modelling respect as you negotiate arrival and departure routines. Do not use bus zones, neighbours’ driveways or seek to find alternate access points that are not supervised and unsafe. With patience, courtesy and good will, we can ensure each girl’s safe and timely arrival at school. 


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