Ice queen


Pic credit: Christopher Cao

Elizabeth Cao, Year 10, has recently returned from the Junior World Synchronised Skating Championships in Ontario, Canada. Her Australian team, with Majestic Ice Australia, qualified after winning the Australian Nationals in 2016.

Elizabeth’s team placed 16th in the international championships, higher than any other Australian team to have competed. 

Elizabeth, who trains three to four times a week at Canterbury Ice Rink, was recently interviewed by The North Shore Times. 


 Pic credit: Christopher Cao

Elizabeth shared with the paper that after beginning as a single skater, she then heard of a coach who wanted to build a Synchronised skating team.  “I joined out of interest, and from there my passion for Synchronised skating began.”

“What I love most about Synchronised skating is that there are so many opportunities that open up to me. It teaches you discipline as a team and how to move as one flowing unit completing difficult foot work with precision. There is a combination of skills as an outcome of synchronised skating, such as skating skills and communication skills. To be able to convey these skills and perform them to the audience is such a wonderful connection.”



 Pic credit: Christopher Cao



“I hope to continue synchronised skating as I have a burning passion for it and hope to join the senior team when I’m older. But so far Synchronised skating is not a sport in the Olympic Winter Games as that would have been my ultimate goal.  Synchronised skating doesn’t get widespread publicity, support or funding that could help elevate it on the world stage but an organisation called One Team MVMT make it their mission to broaden the Synchro community and we hope to bring enough awareness to make it an Olympic sport in 2022,” said Elizabeth. 




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