HSC Showcase of Year 12 major works




The HSC Showcase in late August was a display event of the Year 12 major works for the HSC from Design and Technology, Extension 2 English, History Extension Music and Visual Arts.

Exhibitions were open for viewing in the TAS foyer, in the Old Gym, in the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery and a musical performance in the Peter Duly Concert Hall.

Head of History Therese Hawes had 26 students in the History Extension 2016 that “went on their own quest to discover something complex about the past and through the process of research, draft writing and final polishing, they returned to a present in which their understanding of this wonderful subject we call History and manifestly changed.”

The journey for the Design and Technology students began in October 2015 when industry mentor Sally Dominguez challenged our girls to reconsider their proposed design solutions and take risks to design innovative solutions.

“While the Year 12 girls will attest to the lessons learnt through management of their final project, on reflection, their success is a result of knowledge and skills developed from the beginning of their Senior School journey and the accumulation of learning through a range of subject areas. The past year has required the girls to demonstrate the utmost perseverance, commitment and belief in themselves, to see what began as an idea evolve to a designed solution,” said Terri Moore, Head of TAS.

The Extension 2 English course, according to Helen Dakin, Senior School English Teacher, allowed the students to explore what they were passionate about or simply interested in investigating. “The gift of this course is that the students are offered the time to explore deeply, to grapple with ideas and wonder how to express them. How does one transform the metaphysical into words? The struggle is unsettling, uncomfortable, the uncertainty often challenging. It was the great Romantic poet, Keats, who understood this state of ‘negative capability’ and reminded us that it is through this discomfort that true enlightenment comes. This is a year-long journey and the time has been precious. What is unique about this HSC course is that it offers students so much freedom. It demands self-discipline, drive and endurance. It can be disheartening at times but nothing replaces the joy, the fulfilment and relief seen on the girls’ faces as they submit their major works – their first HSC course is finished! They have had their voice and that is what is most important.”

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