Habitual kindness in the boarding community


Over the past few weeks, the Boarding School has been learning about habitual kindness. That is, making kind interactions a habit.

As Boarding Prefects, we have really enjoyed welcoming this initiative. We launched the concept with a presentation to the boarders in Week 6, briefly explaining how habitual kindness can be embraced.

Each of the boarding Year Prefects has completed activities with their boarding year group, which will be continued throughout the year.

We began with 'warm and fuzzies', where the girls wrote a nice sentence about each girl in their year group.

We have also had mixed tables in the Dining Hall where girls have interacted with other year groups and are enjoying 'Throwback Thursdays', where we play music in the Dining Hall to finish the week in a happy and positive way.

We are looking forward to embracing habitual kindness at all times.


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