Growing as leaders


It is one of our goals at Abbotsleigh that all our students will develop their leadership skills as they move through the School. There are ample opportunities for girls to show leadership through their actions in the classroom, on the sports field, in drama and music activities and in clubs and societies, to name just a few. The development of these skills at an early age can make a big difference to how easily our young people will assume positions of leadership in the community outside of our school walls. 

Good leaders need the same skills as good friends, and so contribute to creating a harmonious, inclusive group. They need to be good listeners and to hear the needs of others and to be empathetic to them.

They need to work as part of a team and not to have an off-putting, imperious nature. They need to look for broad perspectives and not just concentrate on narrow areas of self-interest. Looking for the big-picture, rather than concentrating on the immediate issue is a skill good leaders have developed. They do not put themselves on a pedestal, but rather are able to apportion credit where it is due and not to take credit for things in which they have taken no part. 

Leaders use reflection and constructive feedback as the basis of improvement and change management. They value and respect differing viewpoints. 

Thus, everyday happenings provide us with plenty of opportunities to hone the sort of skills that will create a good leader. No one role or activity will provide this training ground, but taking part in a multiplicity of everyday life happenings will lead to the acquisition and accumulation of leadership skills. These skills will go on to form the basis of a successful working life in whatever career path is taken after school. 


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