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Glow festival

The lights were positively on at Abbotsleigh from 15 June until 9 July, when the Incandescence light show was on display at the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery. It was organised to link with Design and Technology and the City of Sydney’s VIVID Festival of Light. In June last year, Design and Technology commenced an exhibition program to showcase student projects that involved elements of light.

These works were instigated in response to Vivid, an event that revitalises the city in winter. In 2016, the Design and Technology initiative became GLOW, the Abbotsleigh festival of light.Abbotsleigh’s GLOW festival saw the official launch of the Incandescence light festival.

At GLOW, the Senior School was illuminated with colour from the entrance to the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery. Throughout the grounds there were displays from Design and Technology and IST of Jellyfish Lights, a Fish Wall, Fish Bridge, Glow waterfall, costumes and videos. Beautiful dresses created in the textile groups of the Design and Technology classes were displayed in the Assembly Hall foyer with many tastefully decorated with lights.

There were performances from the String Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble, Concert Band and the Flute Ensemble. In addition, vocals and an electric violin moved flames to dance with the Rubens Tube displayed in the science lab. Drama entertained with pop-up clowning and Year 1 exhibited their Light and Sound Passion projects. Food stalls were also run by school service groups and clubs to raise money for a range of charities. World Vision ran a sausage sizzle; Zonta sold lolly bags; The Weaver club sold jelly cups and glow sticks; the Photography club sold their own photo cards; Oaktree made pancakes; Interact made soup; Fairtrade sold hot chocolate and other Fairtrade goods; the Chess Club sold chocolate fondue; Amnesty sold candles and glow sticks; and ACEE sold baked goods.

Artists and friends of the gallery then heard Dominic Mersch share his insights on the Incandescence  exhibition – an exhibition responding to the materiality of light. Mersch runs his own inner-city gallery supporting contemporary art in Australia and Europe as well as young, up and coming artists and curators from the Sydney College of the Arts. The word 'incandescence' refers to the emission of visible light and other forms of radiation from excited atoms. Featured artists have explored the endless possibilities of light, allowing artworks to create an illusion, an experience and an imaginary space‚Äč.Artists in the exhibition included Brendan Van Hek, Cinnamon Lee, Dani Marti, Eugenia Raskopoulos, Giles Ryder, Jason Sims, Justin Henderson, John Wright, Tom Loveday and Warren Langley.


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