GLOW 2017 Abbotsleigh Festival of Light





The idea of light has provided great learning opportunities for girls in both the Senior and Junior School. Leading up to our June 14 evening GLOW, Abbotsleigh Festival of Light event, students have worked in class and Maker clubs to create and prepare extraordinary designs, photographs, videos, performances and activities.

With the colourful lights from Switch it on Lighting, GLOW was an evening of wonderful viewing, listening, participating and eating experience: 

Design and Technology – Light up garden installations and e-textile Alice in Wonderland costume designs
Information, Software and Technology – projected animations
IT Tech Spheros - Programmed sphero dance to music, Sphero driving course
Music performances - String Ensemble, Concert Band, Chamber Ensemble, Vocal Ensemble and Soloists
Photographic and Digital Media – Year 9 photographs and video from VIVID
Drama – Street theatre
PASS –  Night games, quoits, table tennis, handball and bowling 
Geography - Model version of the  lights of the world at night
Yr 8 STEAM Day - STEAM Project MyNute Photography projected on gallery wall
Junior School – Magnet Wall with LED wishing star 'throwie' for the Glow constellation sky board
Club displays – Stargazing, Make Club, Robotics
Service Clubs - Food stalls
Parents – Daisy Club and Abbotsleigh Parents' Association.



As part of the wonderful GLOW event, guests also visited the Grace Cossington Smith Gallery to meet the Moment of Light artists: Lucy Barker, Ruth Burgess, David Collins, Viola Dominello, Virginia Hilyard, Andrew Leslie and Sherna Teperson. 




You can view more images from GLOW 2017 in our Facebook photo album here. 

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